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Posted by matteverard on June 28, 2006

If one characteristic of great art is that it bridges the chasm of our isolation and connects us to other souls, even suffering souls, this radio piece qualifies. While in the grocery store, I had to turn it off to keep from weeping in front of perfect strangers. It was Act 2 that really got me. (site uses frames–arghh!–lookup episode 119 at http://www.thislife.org)

Act Two.
Mother’s Day. As the number of female prisoners climbs, visiting rooms are packed on Mother’s Day. 80% of female inmates have children at home. Amanda Coyne has been to a number of these Mother’s Days, bringing her nephew to visit his mother – Amanda’s sister. Among the difficult moments that come with these visits: What do you say to a five-year-old who wants to know if mommy is a bad guy? (10 minutes)


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