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Change, Change, Change

Posted by matteverard on August 4, 2006

I remember first learning about Entropy in undergraduate physics and, like all classical laws of science it seemed wonderfully intuitive (Relativity or Quantum mechanics are just plain weird). So the universe is like a tightly coiled spring and it is gradually unwinding. Cool. Makes sense with how I experienced the world (hot things become cool, copies of copies degrade).

And, although I’m generally opposed to transferring physical laws into social contexts, the law of Entropy seems apply to personal lives–you have to inject “work” to have an orderly system. If left to natural forces, the “system” will devolve into a random mishmash of goo.

(Now you purists don’t need to write me with corrections about my physics…yeah, I understand that you really can’t inject “work” into the system when you are the system. It’s OK, just play along.)

The “work” I’ve recently injected into my system is a change of venue which implied a change of employ. I decided it was time to flee the baking clay flatlands of the mid-west and try living in a vacation destination. So the wife and I mulled over SanFran, NYC, London, Seattle, and Vancouver. This was a tough call. It was kind of a “career or lifestyle” decision. Well, we picked Van (which a friend likened to saying “up yours” the business world).

So the job thing. Well, it turns out there’s a lot of great opportunities in Van and I landed with a great company called Atimi–a software group led by Steve Gully whom I met through Darren Barefoot a few weeks ago. Steve’s a sharp guy and understands both the craft and the business of software dev and has a team of quality people. During our discussions it was so obviously a good fit that it was hard to put up a fight when they asked me to come aboard.

This means packing up the house and downsizing from 2200sf to 1000sf, moving across a large land mass and crossing a national border. With wife and kids in tow. After accumulating 9 years of random Target purchases. Lots of “work” here, believe me.

But “fortune favors the brave” as they say and the stars are aligning. Take for instance, housing. This is no small matter in Van as any native will tell you. We were looking at $2000/mo in Yaletown for a 900sf 2BR–beautiful, with all the bling and troubles of downtown living. Then my buddy calls and tells me of a non-profit apartment complex right on Granville Island that has a 3BR for $1400. I call the manager. We’re 4th in line. I think, “No way we’ll get it.” But yesterday we signed the papers. We move in Sept 6. Our new address is:

1390 Island Park Walk
Vancouver, BC V6H 3T5

Map, here.

Kids’ school and good friends are a 5 minute walk along the seawall. Shopping, restaurants, aqua bus, view of the northshore mountains, all right there. This is sweet.

And so the work injected into the system appears to be paying off. The spring is being tightened, and it feels very, very good.


2 Responses to “Change, Change, Change”

  1. Darren said

    Nice, glad it worked out for you. Welcome to Canada!

  2. Boris Mann said

    Wow. Cheap and a fantastic place to live…I’m jealous! I updated your blog intro post to indicate you’re no longer looking for a job…congrats!

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