Entrepreneurial Project Management

Guerrilla tips and tactics for getting things done


This Site…

is a bit of an intellectual dumping ground containing my musings on “in the trenches, get it done, IT project management” as well as other bright, shiny objects I find along the way.  The PM Depot is a work-in-progress, hopefully growing to 20 or so “best of the web” resources (mostly templates and articles)
My Background?

After a BSEE and a Masters in Religion (yes, an odd pairing.  I’ll tell you about over a beer), I got a great opportunity to co-found a software consulting company with a buddy from KPMG. He managed the money, and I drove the tech side of the house. We grew our business to over $1M in revenue in less than 3 years, serving volatile flame-outs like Restaurant.com, the more pedestrian BN.com, and the rock solid, “always pays their bills” clients like The Kroger Co. We had a great time along the way and built a team of passionate, talented people. We kept our group small, maintained a family-friendly environment, and resisted the insanity prevalent in Bubble 1.0.

Since we bootstrapped the firm and never had a marketing budget, we lived on word of mouth referrals. Our job was to deliver. Period. Make the customer happy. Fix the problem. Earn our pay. Those were great lessons that shaped the way I handle projects today. Currently I’m a Project Manager working for clients such as Nationwide, Honda, and the State of Ohio.

Side note: I migrated from Blogger in June and all earlier posts will have now have a June publish date. WordPress rocks!


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