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FakeSteveJobs, Where Are You?

Posted by matteverard on August 7, 2006

The blog that put sunshine in my day appears to have been shuttered. I was reading it yesterday and have the last several posts. I’ve posted them as a Word file at my own peril.


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Mac Commercials

Posted by matteverard on July 11, 2006

I’m among the throngs of people praising the new “Get a Mac” commercials. Apple is rubbing salt in an open wound in the consumer computing market: too much complexity. Just about any normal person has to promise free beer to a serious techie in order to get their new Dell up and running. I was called to my mom’s recently and spent an afternoon fumbling around with patches, updates, uninstalls, and virus protection. Add a wireless network to the mix and you’ve gone from two beers to four in a hurry. I was only able to succeed with a well-timed phone call to a full-time sys admin buddy.

Check out Charter St.’s (Paul McNamara) good piece intitled “The Software Complexity Racket.” It’s a smart take on the financial disinsentives for innovative simplicity that exist in the current enterprise software market.

Also, don’t miss the smart parody “Get a Mac” commercials from VH1! Hilarious!

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Charterstreet and Coghead

Posted by matteverard on July 7, 2006

Greg Olsen and Paul McNamara are building a company that allows biz-sumers (business consumers who might be able to write an excel macro but aren’t IT folk) to build hosted applications (a la Ning and a bit like DabbleDB), thus further commoditizing the tool making process. They’ve taken an old school business approach (e.g. no Aeron chairs and cheap office space) even though they have taken VC money.

I love this business space right now–so much of corporate IT is broken (animosity between users and IT, high costs, low innovation, poor stability, little competitive advantage, need I go on?) and there is a huge opportunity to build SaaS businesses that serve the end-users.

Their blog is called Charter Street. Read their 5-part series on “The Next Technology P-Wave“–beautiful writing, smart ideas, these guys are worth watching.

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Microsoft Designs iPod Packaging

Posted by matteverard on June 28, 2006

Hilarious, short video showing how MSFT would apply their design philosophy to the iPod (ironic note: the video was created within MSFT).

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Preventing Innovation

Posted by matteverard on June 28, 2006

Scott Sehlhorst gives us an irreverant, entertaining playbook for preventing innovation. He begins:

At a recent presentation in Austin by Seilevel about the goals and methods of requirements gathering, a member of the audience asked “What can we do with our requirements to assure innovation?” That’s a tough question with an easy answer – nothing.

What if the question had been “What can we do to prevent innovation?” That’s a better question with a lot of answers.

Of particular interest:

5. Treat employees like garbage. Yell at them. Whenever possible, call them at midnight to yell at them some more. They work for us. If they get uppity, make them work on the weekends. Make them dig holes and fill them back up again. Threaten them – especially when they need the job. If you can’t yell, at least be condescending in public forums. Remember we are smarter than they are. Punks.

Reminds me of the Peopleware chapter on “making teams jell” (short answer: you can’t).

(again, via Scott Berkun)

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