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Corporate Executive Structure

Posted by matteverard on July 15, 2006

PMs are not often in the position to structure a company’s executive roles, but understanding “who does what” and “why we separate roles to insure success” is key to our jobs.  Brad Feld, the intrepid nerd-cum-VC marathoning blogger, has a very good piece on the trend towards separating the CEO and Chairman roles.  Given recent history, I’m in favor of this approach.  Shareholders need an advocate separate from management (who often have their interests at heart).  Brad points out that this “best practice” extends to start-ups, too. He has a nice list of duties in his article that will help you understand what this looks like.


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Charterstreet and Coghead

Posted by matteverard on July 7, 2006

Greg Olsen and Paul McNamara are building a company that allows biz-sumers (business consumers who might be able to write an excel macro but aren’t IT folk) to build hosted applications (a la Ning and a bit like DabbleDB), thus further commoditizing the tool making process. They’ve taken an old school business approach (e.g. no Aeron chairs and cheap office space) even though they have taken VC money.

I love this business space right now–so much of corporate IT is broken (animosity between users and IT, high costs, low innovation, poor stability, little competitive advantage, need I go on?) and there is a huge opportunity to build SaaS businesses that serve the end-users.

Their blog is called Charter Street. Read their 5-part series on “The Next Technology P-Wave“–beautiful writing, smart ideas, these guys are worth watching.

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A Tribute to GMSV

Posted by matteverard on June 28, 2006

Each morning I spend a few minutes at Good Morning Silicon Valley. Johns Murrell and Paczkowski artfully review the news in high-tech with such wit that coffee often comes out of my nose. It takes great talent to come up with headlines such as “iPod inspected by #32 (please send amphetamines)” or “‘Course what we’d really like to do is “prioritize” some of these services right out of business …” or “Hello, You’ve reached Vonage Investor Relations: please leave a message (mailbox full)” but the latest one is truly a gem: “Gates, Buffett hail development of camel that fits through needle’s eye”.

Guys, this is great reporting and great fun. Thanks!

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Free Book (Sorry, for Startups Only)

Posted by matteverard on June 28, 2006

Scott Berkun is offering copies of his book free to startups. There’s a lot to love about this book–great examples, insight on what goes wrong, and a real focus on the art rather than science of PM work. I read it last year and highly recommend it.

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